A day at the races, move your bloomin' arse!

Punchestown. I had never been to any sort of races and had no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. I really had no time to look for a "ladies day" outfit and honestly would have little use for it afterwards. I rocked student style. Colour blocking bright orange pleated skirt and a black sequin vest. The closest I got to a hat or fascinator was my headband from penneys.
I was actually running from that horse in the background, the picture was being moved and it's 10foot tall. (proper photos to follow)

I'd love to say I won loads but out of the €2 bets I places, one of my horses lost a jockey and the other didn't even finish. The 20/1 horse I choose in the first race came 3rd, great right? But the bookie put my bet to win, not to place :( oh well, there's always next time

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